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Ultimate survey of 2005. past, present, future, and everything random!
Nickname(s)::steffles, stefie, stefiebutt
Favorite nickname::steffles
Age::16, 17 in 4 days!
Age you act::somewhere around 16
Age you wish you could be::21
Weight::120 ish?
Shoe size::7?
Siblings::little bro
Pets::none currently
Living situation::at home
Childhood past and General past
Favorite toy::play doh!
How did you dress?:in what my mom picked out for me :/
Preschool::went to some springfield school?
What age did you stop using the bottle?:hell if i know
Did you prefer playing indoors or outdoors?:indoors
Did you have an immaginary friends?:yesss
First pet::good the hamster
What did you want to be when you grew up?:rock star. with a purple mohawk.
Do you still want to be that?:i could handle the hawk
(assuming you do) did you always have your own room?:yep
Did you ever ask a fat lady how long she'd been pregnant for?:heh no
What age did you learn to read and write?:early. before preschool
Were you quiet or nosy?:quiet
What was your favorite story book?:dunno
Second favorite?:..
Third favorite?:...
Sum yourself up as a kid.:younger
Who was your first best friend?:victoria (who i re-found! hah im such a stalker)
How old were you when you had your first birthday party?:probably 1
Where was it?:hell if i remember
What was your earliest bedtime?:sunset?
When did you learn to ride a bike?:with training wheels, 3 or 4 ish, without... 7th grade
Were you immaginative?:haha yeah
Did you play with gender appropriate toys?:id steal my brothers tractors and dinsaurs
Did you play with age appropriate toys?:ive always loved toddler toys
What was your favorite stuffed animal?:dumbo
How many barbies did you have?:2 or 3
Did you have carebears?:no, but i wanted to be one
Ninja turtles?:no, never liked them
That creepy bear that reads books?:huh?
Did you like to climb trees?:nope
Throw tantrums?:nah
Was it hard to sleep, or did you sleep like a baby?:i think i had insomnia
Did you go to the zoo?:hah yeah
Did you scream a lot?:nah
Did you ever go to an amusement park?:once or twice
When and where was your first kiss?:8th grade skateland
Kissed someone of the opposite sex?:yep
Kissed someone of the same sex?:yep
how many total goldfish have you collectively owned?:bro-2, i had a beta named snufalufagus
As a kid, what was the best thing ever?:mcd's
The worst?:your mom
What was the best year of your life?:dunno
Generally, in the past, have you ever:
Ran away from home?:nah
Snuck out?:yep
Wished on a star?:mhm
Danced in the rain?:mhm
Been to an unsupervised party?:sorta
Been drunk?:yep
Been beaten up?:no
Been depressed?:yeah
Been lonely?:yeah
Been afraid of the dark?:used to be
Cut your own hair?:a lot recently, now im growing it out
Stayed up all night?:hah. yes
Gone streaking?:runnig off a dock to skinny dip
Gone skinny dipping?:yep
Played strip poker?:no
Been on a roof?:hah. yes
Been in a trash can?:nope
Egged somebodies house?:nah
Teepeed someones house?:2 in one night
Cheated on a guy / girl?:no
Cheated on a test?:yep
Set something on fire on purpose?:hehe yes
Set something on fire accidentally?:probably
Eaten squid?:no
Eaten sushi?:no
Had a cell phone?:yes
Had a computer?:yes
Had an ipod / mp2 player?:in a day or 2 i will
Broken a light bulb?:probably
Cruised the streets past 3 AM?:yep
Did a prank call?:to the operator
Gone to school with a hangover?:no
Been in love?:yep
Sworn at your parents?:at no, around yes
Regretted something you did?:yep
Regretted something you should have done but never did?:yep
Lied to your parents?:yep
Lied to your friends?:yep
Are you a lucky person?:sorta, in some aspects more than others
Are you a happy person?:sorta
Are you a virgin?:mhm
What are you wearing?:2 white tshirts, and pj bottoms
What did you have for breakfast?:i didnt
What kind of socks do you wear?:currently the ones lolo got me for xmas
What are your most comfortable shoes?:er, the ones ive had for like 3 or 4 years
Are you doing well in school?:sorta
Do you have a lot of friends?:kinda
Are you happy with them?:yep
Past of 2005:
Did 2005 treat you well?:more or less
Did it go by fast, slow, or at just the right pace?:fast
Approximately how many parties did you go to?:3 or 4?
What was your biggest acheivement this year?:hell if i know
Did you change over 2005?:sorta
Did your hairstyle change?:yeah. currently i hate it
How much taller did you get from last year?:didnt
Did you make new friends?:yep
Did you lose any old friends?:yep
Did you try new things?:yep
Go places you've never been?:yep
Do things you've never done?:yep
Things you never thought you would do?:yep
Have fun?:yep
What do you miss most about 2005?:the summer
If you could choose one thing to completely undo, what would it be?:2 of my ex's
If you could choose one thing to redo (fix) what would it be?:dunno
If you could choose one thing to relive, what would it be?:dunno
Did 2005 have a big impact on your life?:sorta
Do you think 2006 will be better?:it better be
Was 2005 special?:no
Was it the best year for you?:haha no
Future, mainly 2006
Have you made a resolution?:pft no. itll probably be to do my hw
What's one thing you will do differently in 2006?:heh. my homework
What are your goals?:to pass
Do you feel fullfilled?:no
Are you going to learn something new from 2006?:probably
What's one place you want to go?:dunno
What's the main thing you want out of 2006?:senior year
Back to this past year, have you bee..
Naughty or Nice?:nice socially, naughty legally
Happy or Sad?:sorta both
Dull or Interesting?:interesting?
Boring or Fun?:fun?
Cray or Normal?:cray? crazy?
Wild or Calm?:calm
Mean or Kind?:kind
Careful?:heh sorta
Loud or Silent?:... medium
Smart or Stupid?:ehh both
Last but not least..
Nine things you won't be able to live without. Go.
1.:my computer
3.:my car
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